Redesign With Prima®


Welcome to Redesign With Prima®, a manufacturer of home decor products that aims to make redesigning your living space effortless and enjoyable. Our product range is extensive and includes innovative offerings such as Decor Transfers®, Decor Moulds®, Decor Stamps®, Decor Stencils®, Decor Waxes, Decoupage Decor Tissue Paper, Stick and Style Stencil Rolls, and more. Our products inspire creativity and elevate any space.

Our journey began in the arts and crafts industry in 1999, where we specialized in creating handmade flowers. Our handcrafted flowers quickly gained recognition, and we expanded our product line to include mixed media, watercolor, and other arts and crafts products. Our artistic roots allowed us to venture into the home decor industry and revolutionize it with our unique and original product offerings.

As a family and woman-owned business, we are committed to inspiring individuals worldwide to create beautiful living spaces. Our products cater to a broad range of people, including crafters, hobbyists, and small business owners, fostering new relationships and connections through home decor.

Redesign With Prima® values diversity and inclusivity and is dedicated to maintaining an alternative team of employees and customers. Our products appeal to an increasingly broad audience, and we strive to remain an inclusive and conscious local business.

Community is a top priority for us, as exemplified by our Paint to Donate Campaign. This campaign uplifts, motivates, and inspires those committed to creating a positive impact through our products and actions.

Our passion for innovation and expansion in the industry fuels our commitment to inspiring and serving our amazing customers every day.