Royal Design Studio Stencil Cremes & Brushes

Royal Design Studio Stencils and Royal Stencil Cremes are the ultimate for experienced and beginning stencil artisans alike. The Stencil Creme cream formula glides off your stencil brushes for excellent coverage and flow with less brush reloading!  Stencil Creme paints dry quickly to a hard, durable surface and work on all the surfaces you want to stencil on - smooth to textured. These paints feature a velvety, gel-based formula to resist stencil run-unders. They clean up like a dream with soap and water and offer minimal buildup of paint on stencils and brushes.
Stencil Cremes work GREAT over Chalk Paint from Annie Sloan too! Find pretty colour combinations on Royal Design Studio Stencil Ideas Blog.
See how to use Royal Stencil Creme paint in our FREE 9-page Informational Booklet: Introduction to Royal Stencil Cremes