Annie Sloan Wall Paint

The best paint on the market

Experience a Wall Paint with a rich backstory, artist-approved pigments, and unparalleled coverage. Join the industry experts, interiors influencers, and professional painters already bringing Annie’s History of Art expertise to their walls. Annie Sloan’s Wall Paint outperformed the leading premium paint brands in performance tests.

When it comes to painting a room, no one does it better than Annie Sloan. From amazing finishes and easy application with either brush or roller this high-quality water-based paint delivers on all fronts: producing minimal splatter in your home’s décor; providing excellent coverage because of its rich pigmentation which gives the luxury feeling you want plus just enough shine for added appeal.

Make your walls say something really Interesting!

30 years ago Annie changed the face of the furniture paint industry by releasing Chalk Paint. Now she is set to disrupt the wall paint industry with Annie Sloan Wall Interior Paint. Annie has travelled the world looking for inspiration for the colours in the new Annie Salon Interior Wall Paint line. They are inspired by the most beautiful places in the world.

“Colours that I have put together ooze style and sophistication, and they were all inspired by places that have a story to tell. These are colours that I have been surrounded with my entire life, from living in Australia, New Orleans and traveling across Europe. These colours will take your breath away!" (Annie Sloan, CBE)

Take the guesswork out of decorating!

While other companies overwhelm you with colours. Annie Sloan has been working with colours for years. Mixing, looking, and absorbing their hues to create the perfect interior wall paint that will complement your decorating project.

Annie Sloan has created 32 absolutely spot-on colours for any decorating project. Her beautiful hand-curated palette is perfect if you’re looking to create an interior design that will complement your home’s style and décor!

The rich, luxurious colour of Annie Sloan Wall Paint is hard to beat.

No smell, no drips, and fast drying.

Do it indoors and see for yourself !

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