A Guide to Annie Sloan Satin Paint

Satin Paint -

A Guide to Annie Sloan Satin Paint


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Annie Sloan Satin Paint is straightforward to use, easy to maintain, long-lasting, and comes in a capsule range of 14 of the most popular colours from the Annie Sloan Wall Paint palette. Read on to learn everything you need to know about our brand new "No Wax, No Lacquer" wood and metal paint for kitchen cabinets, furniture, skirting and beyond. Or simply click the button below to explore the range. 



 Satin Paint - Canvas 

Paint Like a Pro

The first step in using Annie Sloan Satin Paint is choosing the right size brush! We recommend the Annie Sloan Small Flat Brush.

Applying paint with the smallest sized brush suitable for your project helps avoid using too much paint, which can cause drips, accidentally painting walls and flooring, and ultimately the need for time-consuming touch-ups. If you prefer to use rollers, you may need to use an extra coat as they give a thinner layer of paint.



Perfect Prep

You should always ensure surfaces are clean, dry, and free from any dust, debris or oil-based contaminants before using any paints. 

When using Annie Sloan Satin Paint, simply paint, allow to dry, add further coats if required, and treat with care for 14 days after painting. Once 14 days have passed, the Satin Paint will have cured and hardened to reach peak durability.




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