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Tick all the boxes when you decorate your home with Chalk Paint®

Save time, money and landfill, by re-loving your home decor with fresh colour and a modern style.

Make-over your favourite heirloom. Paint your dining table and chairs. Introduce cost effective statement pieces to your home.

Help the planet and the environment. Australian, Annie Sloan’s high quality Chalk Paint® products and painting tools, are eco-friendly and versatile. Join the war on waste and upcycle all kinds of furniture, walls and floors, with no preparation or nasty chemicals.

Give yourself or someone you love, the Gift of an experiential Workshop, and an on-trend addiction, that makes them smile inside and out !



weight up to 5kg:

1 litre of Chalk Paint = 1.8kg

1 500g Wax = 0.55kg

1 Pure Bristle Brush = 0.75kg

1 Annie Sloan Paints Everything = 0.25kg

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No experience necessary

Simply roll up your sleeves, pop open the lid, and start painting. That is the beauty of Chalk Paint®. It is a no fuss product, that dries in 20 minutes.

the art therapy is free

What you get when you buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

Annie Sloan is a renovator. She understands the issues involved with restoration work, and the need for a paint that could be used to achieve endless decorative effects – quickly. Chalk Paint® satisfies that brief perfectly, as it can be applied to
wood, glass, metal, brick and even laminate, left to dry, and then sealed, within one day. Annie set up a shop in Oxford to showcase her Chalk Paint®, host workshops, and offer interior design services, and it became a worldwide phenomena.

Annie Sloan is proud to support local businesses all over the globe. All Annie’s Stockists are trained by Annie herself in the Annie Sloan method, and she’s confident to say each one is equipped with the expertise, passion, and dedication to help you on your way to making your home completely your own.

Annie Sloan stockists are with you for every step of your decoration project. Annie is revolutionising the World of Paint, making it safe, affordable and enjoyable to use. Annie Sloan invented her furniture paint, Chalk Paint®, in 1990 and hasn’t stopped refining and improving her formula since.

Annie Sloan is widely considered one of the world’s leading authorities in paint, colour and style.

Annie’s high standards and hard-earned experience as a furniture
painter, inventor, and businesswoman ensure that Chalk Paint® remains
the best way to transform your furniture and your home.

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