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Pearlescent Glaze

Pearl is the gift traditionally given to observe 30th Anniversaries, which is why Annie is now introducing this innovate formula.

Pearlescent Glaze is a water-based light-reflecting decorative finish suitable for use on indoor furniture, walls and floors whether painted or unpainted. Pearlescent Glaze will give a sublime, high-end, lustrous finish.

You can apply over dried Chalk Paint®  for a more intense opalescence, or mix with very small additions of Chalk Paint®  to create gently shimmering, translucent shades. Pearlescent Glaze gives a durable finish, similar to Lacquer.
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The new Pearlescent Glaze will be exclusively available in 250ml sizes and is intended for detail and decorative work. It has a highly durable finish, similar to Chalk Paint®  Lacquer and is perfect for creating bone inlay effects, or simply to give a luxurious sheen to pieces. It can also be mixed with tiny amounts of Chalk Paint®  to create tinted, pastelised opalescent shades. Applied over white Chalk Paint® shades it gives a lustrous, true-pearl look finish. Over darker colours such as Graphite one can easily achieve an almost silver-metallic effect.
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